If you recently upgraded your HVAC system, or you just want to ensure your older system stays in good shape, you’re probably wondering how to get the best results from it to get the most out of your investment. If so, you’re in the right place!

At Gery Heating, we’ve been helping customers get the most out of their HVAC systems since 1974. Since then, we’ve inspected furnaces for cleanliness and safety, offered tune-ups, duct fabrication, residential system designs, and many more services from our experienced technicians.

Recently, Gery Heating has been acquired by Triangle AC, an HVAC company who has been serving Pittsburgh for 70 years! We’re thrilled to be serving even more customers throughout the area and look forward to making a positive impact on the comfort of our neighbors daily. 

To help our customers increase the longevity of their HVAC systems, here are a few items to consider for promoting the life of your system.

1. Clean filters

The key to every functioning HVAC system is a clean filter! Without a clean air filter, you’re setting yourself up for issues. This simple step can save you lots of time and money in the long run, so be sure to clean or replace your filters regularly, especially on units that get a lot of use.

Without a clean air filter, you’re not only putting your unit at risk of not functioning properly, but you’re putting yourself and your family at risk of breathing in dust and debris when the unit is in use, which can cause bad allergies and other respiratory problems.

If you need help locating or replacing the filter on your system, Gery Heating is happy to help. Changing air filters and other routine maintenance is essential, and we’re happy to help you get the job done so your unit can work as you need it to!

2. Remove any obstructions

An often overlooked aspect of keeping HVAC units operating efficiently is maintaining proper air flow. In order to do this, it is important to ensure the area your unit is operating in has little to no obstructions in the room. 

This is also convenient when it comes to maintenance on your system. By offering a clear and open space for your unit, you save everyone involved time by not having to maneuver or move furniture, equipment, and other items that may also be decreasing your unit’s lifespan just by their placement in the room.

3. Schedule regular maintenance

When it comes to getting the best results from your unit, the top way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck is to schedule regular maintenance. This way, your unit is routinely being checked by a professional who can eliminate problems before they occur and can help get your unit running smoothly in no time.

By scheduling regular maintenance with your trusted HVAC company, like the team here at Gery Heating, you’re going to increase the longevity of your unit by a landslide. This will keep your unit in great condition and protect your investment as well!

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