Did you know that you can keep yourself and your house cool this summer while also being kind to the environment? Well, you can! For many people, summer is full of dips in the pool, BBQs, and even games of cricket on the beach.

However, there are also days when the harsh summer sun isn’t very fun for everyone and you feel as if your only option is to crank up the air-con at home. We have all experienced this at one time or another. You know, the times where you genuinely just want to turn your home into a freezer and pretend your energy bill doesn’t exist.

Though, you must remember that there are high energy costs associated with cooling your house in summer. Check out these awesome tips to ensure that you can save money while staying as cool as possible this summer.

1.    Close Your Blinds

Keep your blinds closed in order to significantly cool your home. Keeping them closed can ensure that the cool air stays in and the sun can’t heat up your house. You should also invest in some black-out curtains if you can in order to shield your home from that harsh summer sun. 

2.    Block the Heat

You can easily stop the heat from getting into your home by using blinds, large potted plants, and awnings to shade windows and walls. Stopping the heat getting into your home in the first place likely means that you will be spending far less on cooling your home. 

You should also consider planting big trees that cast shade over your home during summer. If you can, you should also invest in window tinting as this will help you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3.    Just One Degree More

If you have to use your air conditioner, your thermostat should be set between 24-27 degrees in order to get the most efficient use. Increasing your thermostat by just one degree more in warm weather can completely reduce the running cost of your appliance by roughly 10%.

4.    Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, it can feel as if your ceiling fans only push hot air around your home rather than actually cool it down. Well, you are technically true, Fan’s that don’t rotate counterclockwise will do exactly that.

Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise in order to push air straight down which will help to create a cooling effect within the home.

5.    Close Any Doors and Seal the Gaps

Try to close doors to any rooms you aren’t using to keep the cool air within your home and in the rooms in which you need it most. Seal any gaps that are present around windows and doors and consider using draught excluders to ensure the cool air can’t escape.

The Bottom Line

When you put all of these things into play, you can ensure that you beat the summer heat with more efficient AC. These tips will help you stay cool when you need it most.