Bad weather, natural disasters, and other issues can result in your home losing power. While you likely take steps to ensure to prepare for a power outage – what about the opposite? Do you know how to protect your home from excessive electricity?

If a power surge occurs, this is exactly what happens. If there’s a sudden wave of excess electricity coming into your home, it can cause damage to your expensive electronics, appliances, and even your HVAC system.

When you have appliances that rely on electricity – even just partially – they can get burned out for good if a surge occurs.

To help protect your home and HVAC system, you need Ultra Shield Surge.

Understanding Power Surges

A power surge is more dangerous for your HVAC system than a power outage. Also, it’s almost impossible to predict when a power surge will occur. A spike that only lasts one second can result in over 1,000 volts being sent into your home over a short period of time.

Your Home and Power Surges

Usually, homes are equipped with 120-volt service. This means that the wiring doesn’t allow over 120 volts through the lines at any given time. Consumer electronics, like computers, coffee makers, and televisions, are specifically designed to work with this current.

This is one reason that you see your electric dryer has a different-looking outlet. Large appliances that require more electricity are equipped with 220 volts. This means they must have a different outlet and line.

In any case, when a surge occurs, your circuit breaker can’t even deal with it. When this happens, you get over 120 or even 220 volts moving through the wires in your home. Sudden blasts and surges can fry the appliance you have connected – including your HVAC system.

When you get in touch with our experienced technicians, we can evaluate your home and determine if Ultra Shield Surge is right for you. This will provide protection for your HVAC system against a sudden surge that can damage it or require that you replace it.

Avoid Having to Replace Your HVAC System Due to a Power Surge

If you want to ensure that your HVAC system is not impacted by a power surge, you need to invest in the Ultra Shield Surge service we offer. Our team will come into your home or business and install the equipment needed to reduce the potential damage caused by a surge.

If a surge occurs, you may have to invest in an all-new HVAC system. However, if you have our Ultra Shield Surge installed, this won’t occur. Being informed is the best way to ensure that you protect your home and appliances. We are available to discuss your needs. The first step is to call us for an evaluation. We will ensure that your HVAC system is protected from the potentially devastating effects of a power surge.

Keep the information here in mind so you take the right steps to protect your expensive appliance.