Think ductwork is the simple part of installing heating and cooling systems? Think again. Despite a tendency for inexperienced contractors to believe that setting up ductwork for residential or commercial HVAC systems is a straightforward task, the team at Gery Heating knows better.

While most contractors use a one-size-fits-all approach to where to place ductwork, what materials to use, and how to install sensors, we believe the benefits of custom duct fabrication are significant. Read on to learn more about why you should consider custom duct fabrication!

Custom vs. Cookie-Cutter Ducts: What’s the Difference?

As technology continues to evolve, so do the tech resources available for ductwork and temperature sensing. In a cookie-cutter ductwork installation, you’re likely to get the same old ductwork with the same old results: uneven heating and cooling, difficulty reaching stable temperatures, and more.


Modern sensors and materials make HVAC units much more accurate and efficient. Wouldn’t a wise consumer want an HVAC system that can consistently think on its feet? It sounds good, doesn’t it? But most contractors who do not provide custom duct fabrication won’t be able to size the ductwork necessary for your house, your business, or your needs.


Industrial strength filters and metal ductwork are the most sought-after materials for ductwork. But only professionals can make and install materials that are shaped and customized for your space, let alone work with complex technical sensors that improve efficiency.

Saves power

With a custom ductwork installation, you can take advantage of the latest technology, the best materials, and the best service. While it can seem like an extra step or expense to contract with a servicer who’s able to meet these needs, your energy bill and wallet will thank you as time goes by.

Health Impacts

And while the material benefits of using metal ducts and high-quality filters might seem obvious for preventing wear and tear on the HVAC itself, don’t forget who’s really at the center of good HVAC care: you!

Using cheaper materials or a makeshift duct system may seem financially wise, but the effects on your energy use and health show that paying more up front is worth it.

A well-maintained HVAC unit with a good filter and metal ducts will keep your spaces comfortable and temperate and prevent allergens and toxins from entering your space and lungs.

How to Select a Ductwork Installation Company

This is a task that requires time and care. Read reviews, research what types of needs you think your space will have, and don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes or estimations. It’s your right as a consumer to sift through the noise and find out who is really giving you a quality product for your money.

The right installer will want to customize your ductwork, use the best materials available, and ensure that they design their construction solutions with you—their consumer—in mind. Don’t forget that there’s nothing more central to life than the air you breathe: so take care of it with custom ductwork fabrication!